Keynote Speaker: Richard Crossley

Richard Crossley is a talented birder, photographer, award winning author of ‘The Crossley ID Guide’ series, and this year’s Bird Fest keynote speaker. After one of his frequent mid-life crises at the turn of the millennium, Richard decided it was time to spend less time obsessively birding and to focus on paying back. Sometimes called crazy (his badge of honor), wildly passionate, and driven, Richard has made concerted forays into youth birding, television, books, and other areas where he feels there is a need for American birding and conservation to improve.

He served on the board of directors at the famous Hawk Mountain Sanctuary. He firmly believes that the time is right to popularize birding in the USA and other parts of the world. When recently asked why he takes on so many projects, his answer, “it beats working” sums up his passion for everything outdoors.

The Crossley ID Guide series includes; waterfowl, eastern birds, and raptors. Richard’s guides will be for sale at this event along with book-signing. Keynote event is on Friday, May 17th, 7pm at the Snowy Owl Theater; $22 members, $25 non- members.

Happy Birding!