Thank you birders! Eventzilla not so much...

Well, birders you were awesome! You followed all the rules, read the blogs and instructions, and did exactly as directed... I guess Eventzilla wasn't ready for birders en mass.. and now we have crazy tickets! 

After a day like today I can only say how impressed I am with the patience, kindness, and good humor of folks in the birding community and let you all know that I am working with Eventzilla to get things squared away. Here is what I do know:

Registrations are going through and they are correct (on my end).

Email confirmation totals are correct- but don't pay attention to the wonky tickets! I know Advanced Birding is pretty awesome and all, but I am sure that one person didn't sign up for 11 slots. The system is adding all the tickets and folks on one order and issuing tickets with that number listed as the amount of the first trip registered for. Of course it is... 

Luckily, I also keep lists so in the advent that the tickets don't get sorted (deep sigh) I have you all covered! 

If you are worried about your order or need an itemized receipt please give me a shout! I am happy to help and thank you again for being part of the reason this festival is so awesome! 

- Brook