Your Weekend At A Glance - With Sched!

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 9.01.47 AM.png

Introducing SCHED- an on-line, mobile friendly scheduling tool to help you plan your time before you register and keep you on track while attending the festival.

Using SCHED is easy! All of the festival events are listed by day and time in chronological order and color coded to match a subject type.  For example, interested in art? No problem! Just look for events listed in blue. Click on each event for more details about the event including cost, where to meet, who the guides are and what to bring. 

You can select events to build a customizable schedule of your festival experience. However, please remember that building a schedule does NOT register you for the events. It is just a tool to help with planning and as a reference during the festival. You will not be asked to submit a credit card, nor will you receive a receipt of payment- just a copy of your buildable, and changeable schedule. 

Registration for events will begin on February 15th at 9am. Events can be registered for then by clicking on the registration button and paying online.