The Early Bird Gets The Worm...

Early Bird Worm.jpg

... and Sponsors make Leavenworth Spring Bird Fest happen!

This year’s festival promises a record number of out of town visitors who will join us to enjoy our world famous keynote speaker, artist, birder, and author of Sibley’s Bird Guide-  David Sibley! Festival sponsorship is a valuable way to help us take Bird Fest to new heights by enabling us to offer the highest quality field trips, art classes, family activities, and more!

Our goal this year is to open registration at the earliest date ever and to offer even more for ways for folks to participate, try something new, discover the beauty and importance of the spring migration and enjoy our area. Let's really put the Leavenworth Spring Bird Fest on the map! 

We need YOU to help make Bird Fest fly! Sponsor packages are available at levels to fit every budget- and let us know if you have any questions. Sponsorships must be submitted by January 1st to be included in this year's program. 

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