Meet our keynote, Clay Taylor!!

Meet our 2017 Keynote Speaker Clay Taylor, Naturalist Market Manager, Swarovski Optik N.A.

Clay Taylor started photography back in the ASA Era – a time when flm dinosaurs roamed the land. Hebecame a birder in the 1970s, and has kept close to photography and birding ever since. In 1999 he was hired by Swarovski Optik North America to “be their birder”, and the job has kept him busy ever since. His birding Life List is somewhere in the 2500-species range
worldwide, and about 715 for North America – they change every time a new species list is released. After moving from Connecticut to Corpus Christi, Texas in 2008 (in part to escape Winter), his yard list is 241 species, many of which have been photo-documented.