Registration and schedules- they are not the same thing!

Technology is a great thing and we are so excited to debut our new website this year! However,  we also recognize that "new" can also be confusing and we appreciate your patience as we work out the bugs. 

As the festival grows near, we would just like to remind folks that most of our amazing trips DO require pre- REGISTRATION. Registration will take note of personal information like names, phone numbers, and method of payment. 

SCHEDULES is a new feature this year that allows festival goers to create an individual schedule for personal use so that you can have times, venues, and trip info right at your fingertips. Creating your schedule does not mean that you are registered. Your schedule confirmation is not a confirmation of trip registration, but rather a confirmation that you personally created something in our on-line system.

It is our goal to continue to increase the quality of the festival with every passing year and we appreciate all of our participants continued support (and occasionally understanding) as we do so!