Enjoy Outdoor Recreation at Bird Fest!

What could be better than bird watching while recreating? At Bird Fest this year, try something new, or do something you already love at a special festival price!  Explore the natural beauty of North Central Washington with the knowledge and expertise of local recreation and birding guides.

These experiences combine casual birding for beginner to expert and the outdoor experience of bike in Wenatchee or Leavenworth,  kayak, stand-up paddle board or raft on the Icicle Creek and Wenatchee River. You can rent a bike right in Leavenworth or bring your own while all other trips include everything you need to enjoy your time on the river.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday starting at 1pm: Paddle Boards and Birds

Friday, Saturday and Sunday 8am - 10am: Early Birds and Kayaks

Saturday 8am - 1pm: Bikes and Birds in Wenatchee

Saturday 1pm - 4pm: Bikes and Birds Leavenworth

Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning and evening trips to choose from: Birding by River Raft

Get out there and explore! 

Thank you for your patience!!

Hello Bird Festers! Talk about a wild start to get the blood pumping! We sincerely appreciate your patience and support of our festival and hanging in there while we get the bugs out of the new registration system. 

After determining that software systems don't acknowledge daylight saving's time (who wants to, really?) and probably driving initial registrants crazy with a glitchy duplicate form (which is now corrected. We really just need to know about you once, I promise.) We are rolling along smoothly. 

Our goal is ultimately to provide you with an easy and user friendly system that helps you find all of the information that you need, when you need it. Thanks again for being great! We are excited to see you at Bird Fest this year! 

Create Bird Fest Art

explore your own artistic talents  at Bird Fest

Art provides a unique medium to explore and appreciate the natural world, and Bird Fest has enjoyed a long history of integrating the artistic community- and offering opportunity. Whether you just like to dabble, are seeking to improve your skills, or are an experienced artist hoping to enjoy an amazing experience, Bird Fest has something for every artist! 

Naturalist Bird Art: Friday 10am - 3pm

Sketch and study birds with expeditionary artist Maria Coryell-Martin. We will hone our observation skills and practice techniques for expressive ink and watercolor as we create a series of postcards. All levels welcome! Lunch from the delectable Lokal is included.

Learn more about Maria Coryell-Martin: expeditionaryart.com

Adventure Sketching: Saturday 10am - 3pm

Explore the spring mountain landscape with expeditionary artist Maria Coryell-Martin. We’ll cover fundamental tools for ink and watercolor and techniques for painting expressive skies, textured mountains, and colorful spring flowers. All levels welcome! Lunch from the delectable Lokal is included.

Learn more about Maria Coryell-Martin: expeditionaryart.com

Sip and Paint: Friday 6pm - 8pm

We are excited to offer a relaxing and fun night of step by step painting alongside your friends! All supplies provided for you to complete your own "Heron" masterpiece! Acrylic painting on 11x14 inch canvas. No experience necessary! Local wine by the glass will be available for purchase.

Learn More and Register: sipandpaint.org

Sense of Place: Sunday 10am - 12pm

Leavenworth based artist (and cover artist for the 2017 Leavenworth Spring Bird Fest Program) Heather Murphy helps you learn how sketching thumbnails of landscapes, botanicals and animals combine with color squares and words ties together the Sense of Place. Art for your travels or your own back yard. Bring a waterproof pen and journal and don’t forget to dress for the occasion- hats, sunscreen, layers, and jackets, too!

Learn more about Heather: wildtales.com

Bikes and Wine and Kayaks, Oh My!

The 2017 Leavenworth Spring Bird Fest program is now available in print at locations throughout the region. Pick-up your copy and check out some of the exciting trips we have added to the schedule! 

Friday, Saturday and Sunday 8am - 10am - Early Birds and Kayaks: Enjoy birding from the vantage point of a wetland bird! Everything you need for kayaking is provided by Leavenworth Outdoor Center.

Saturday 6am - 3pm - Birds and Wine: After a full day of birding, enjoy a glass of wine with your guides from North Central Washington Audubon. 

Saturday 8am - 1pm - Bikes and Birds in Wenatchee: Take a journey along the Apple Loop Trail in Wenatchee and practice birding by ear. 

Sunday 6am - 2pm - Birding Blewett Pass and Table Mountain: Finnish off the weekend with a full day of birding in a variety of habitats with guides from North Central Washington Audubon.


Meet our keynote, Clay Taylor!!

Meet our 2017 Keynote Speaker Clay Taylor, Naturalist Market Manager, Swarovski Optik N.A.

Clay Taylor started photography back in the ASA Era – a time when flm dinosaurs roamed the land. Hebecame a birder in the 1970s, and has kept close to photography and birding ever since. In 1999 he was hired by Swarovski Optik North America to “be their birder”, and the job has kept him busy ever since. His birding Life List is somewhere in the 2500-species range
worldwide, and about 715 for North America – they change every time a new species list is released. After moving from Connecticut to Corpus Christi, Texas in 2008 (in part to escape Winter), his yard list is 241 species, many of which have been photo-documented.